Make Your Home Your Workplace : home office organization tips

There are a lot of advantages to working from home. You save money on gas, car insurance and the commute is as close as three doors down the hall. Being able to work from home means that you can work whenever is convenient for you, and you do not have to worry about getting dressed up to do so. However, to be able to work from home productively, you need to follow some home office organization tips.

If your home office is cluttered or filled with distractions, you may find that little work is actually being accomplished. To work from home successfully you need to organize your work space. You also need to make sure that the tools you need to do your work are easily accessible. Running around the house or searching through your car for paperwork are not parts of a productive day. However, by following a few simple steps, you can have a well organized home office that increases your productivity.

– Basic Home Office Organization Tips

The first step in organizing your office is to make sure you have all the organizational tools you need. This includes filing cabinets or boxes and plenty of storage options. Without a way to store files and other paperwork, you will just end up with piles of paper covering all available surfaces. Buying paper clips, file folders and file markers cost less than $10, but the amount of time you can save having these things on hand is incredible.

You should also keep notepads, sticky notes and pens and pencils on hand. It comes across as very unprofessional to be running around the house looking for something to write on or with. You should also keep a system in place for taking messages and returning calls. Even if this is simply an answering machine with a notebook to remind you, since you are not in a regular office, you may not always remember to call people back.

– Why It Is Important to Treat Your Home Office Like an Office

One of the most important parts of having a well organized home office is to treat it like it is an office and not your home. Clutter can develop quickly, ruining any progress you have made with your work space unless you stop thinking of this area as a part of your home. You should treat your home office the way that you would as if you were going to your regular office.

This will help keep your work area professional, and it will also help you focus on working while you are in your home office. If your mindset is that you are still at home, you may find that you do not work efficiently. This means that you will feel like you are working all the time because even simple tasks will take forever to finish when you are not focused on them.

– How to Mange Your Time in Your Home Office

As mentioned above, you must treat your home office as an office to be able to finish your work in a timely manner. You may want to start clocking in and out of your home office space, just as you would at a job. This ensures that you are spending appropriate amounts of time working, not just being at home. It also ensures that you are working as much as you should be. It is easy to fall prey to the temptations of watching TV or taking a nap when you are at home, even if you do have tasks to be completed.

It is also important that you let any other members of the household know that when you are in your home office, you are not to be disturbed. Even if you are following your work schedule, when people are barging in on you constantly, it will hinder your ability to work. To let other members of the household know when you are working, you can post a weekly schedule, or close the door to your office or even put up a sign saying you are working.

Having a home office can make simplify your life in many ways. It can save you money and time, but it is important to keep in mind that it is an office and not just another room in your house. Making sure that you follow home office organization tips and treat your office like a workplace will ensure that a home office works for you.

Factors that Affect a Professional Organizer’s Salary

There are many factors that come into play when determining the possible salary of a professional organizer. For example, an organizer in a large city, like New York, has the potential to earn much more than one in a small town. The amount of experience a professional organizer has will also play a major role in their earning potential. Yet another factor is whether the organizer works for a company or decides to start their own organizing company. Business owners often enjoy higher hourly earnings and have the potential for unlimited income. They also must factor in business expenses and be able to find their own clients. One more consideration that will have an affect on a professional organizer salary is the type of services they are able to offer. The ability to offer a wide range of services will increase earning opportunities.

Employment Opportunities for a Professional Organizer

Many people who offer organization services begin by freelancing. There are many advantages to working for yourself such as the ability to set your own hours and hourly rates. On the other hand, it can take some time to become established as a professional organizer and many people don’t have the financial freedom to live without a guaranteed income. There are some large professional organizing companies where an organizer can seek employment. It is easier for individuals who live in large cities to find employment in a corporate environment. Most professional organizers who work for themselves start out by organizing as a side job. This is a great way to retain your current salary while also starting a business of your own.

Certification and the Professional Organizer Salary

While it is not necessary to have any certification to become a professional organizer, there are multiple agencies that certify organizers. Those who are serious about seeking employment in this field or starting their own organizing business may want to seriously consider obtaining some type of certification. The National Organization of Professional Organizers, or NAPO, is the largest certifying agency. It currently costs $550 to become certified with NAPO. Some of the benefits of having a certification include ongoing education, marketing resources, and additional employment opportunities.

Finding Clients as a Professional Organizer

Once you’ve decided to become a professional organizer, you will have to begin to locate clients. Many people “fall” into this profession. Their friends are always commenting on how organized their homes and offices are. They may offer to help a friend organize their home and before they know it, a business has started. One of the best ways to begin to find clients for your organizing company is through word of mouth. Let all your local friends and family know that you are starting your own professional organizing company and ask them to help you get the word out. Local advertising can also be an extremely affordable and effective way to advertise your services. Sometimes, the best way to get the word out about your organizing service is to go out and market yourself. Hand out flyers, keep business cards with you at all times, and offer to speak for free at events where your potential clients congregate. Attending local trade shows and joining your local chamber of commerce are also great ways to get the word out about your business.

Using the Internet to Market Yourself

If you are a professional organizer, you absolutely must have a presence on the internet. Having a strong online presence has the potential to increase your professional organizer salary more than any other single factor. Having a business website is a must, but you should also utilize the power of social media and internet advertising as well.

Start by setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts. Make sure that visitors to your website can easily find you on both of these powerful social media platforms. Provide useful tips that your followers and fans can use to organize their homes and offices and you will continue to gain followers and increase the opportunity to grow your business. As you increase your social media fan base, consider offering specials to your fans, such as free consultations or reduced rates. It’s also a great idea to start a blog on your website. Post to your blog on a regular basis. This will help your professional organizing website to rank better with Google and other search engines while also allowing you to form relationships with potential clients long before they ever contact you.

Choose a Niche to Increase Your Professional Organizer Salary

Many professional organizers make the mistake of offering all services to all people. While this is tempting when you are just starting out and need business, choosing a specialized niche or area of service will increase your professional organizer salary. Specialists in any field can generally demand higher salaries than non-specialists. The same is true for a professional organizer. A good place to start when choosing your specialty is deciding what you love to do or are best at. Then concentrate on finding clients that need those services. For example, you can specialize in closet or garage organizing. Another profitable niche for the professional organizer is corporate clients. Offer your services to companies that need their offices or filing systems organized.

Overview of the Professional Organizer Salary

In closing, there are many factors that will affect your potential salary as a professional organizer. The good news is that as you gain experience, your ability to make more money continues to increase. The job outlook for organizers is very good. Most individuals and companies are starved for time and are happy to pay outside consultants to assist them with their organizing needs. Continue to market your organizing services as you grow your business and you will soon find that you have more clients than you are able to handle alone!


In today’s market place the new worker needs to know that being organized is critical for job safety. Gone are the days of office maneuvers and getting to know the boss. Not that being pleasant is out of date. But it seems that production is the only criteria that will get you continued again and again when the job performance data comes in. Welcoming in the digital age is a good thing. But this new and improved way of advancement seems to have caught some by surprise. Looking at the lay off list will certainly verify this new fangled office politic.


So the digital age is here, and the new and improved office organization ideas are the following:

1) Organizing your office space and being successful at this will show your bosses that you are a quality employee. How exactly is this done to the modern specifications? Copying everything sent out and filing these documents in a ready to use file or cabinet is critical. Why is this so important? In today’s search for justice culture you need to have a concrete reason for about everything you do. Document and document, again.

2) Your office emails should be organized to the degree that a tried and true obsessive compulsive would be proud. What does this mean? It means that every email that comes into your business computer should be read immediately and then filed in its own filing cabinet on your computer. Be sure to label these documents appropriately since, again, you may be called upon to justify anything at every minute. Emails that come in should be read and responded to or filed for further purposes.

3) Always, always use a daily planner book. Everything that you do that day should be detailed out with lists and lists. Be sure to check off what you have finished that day. Plan the next day based on what you need to finish from the day before. (Make any unfinished business a red alert emergency. Not that these instructions are extreme. However, you are competing with the likes of those who have these exact work habits and, perhaps, have been there for a number of years.)


4) Organize, then organize again your desk top. In today’s work place the looks of your desk scream volumes about your worthiness as an employee. Keep the top of your desk clear with no clutter. Acceptable items on a desk top include the following: your computer, telephone, stapler, tape, and index cards.

5) Other additional items that may be transiently used are the following: your water glass, tissue, coffee cup, calculator, container with pens, highlighter, scissors, and letter opener. The center of the desk must stay open for work items that need to be done quickly.

6) Minimal personal belongings are expected at today’s office. Remember to portray a transient look to all of your work space. Here today and who knows about tomorrow?


Today’s office is streamlined and production seems to be the best quality that is rewarded. Being different or too friendly is not a good thing in this kind of office. (If unique seems to coarse through your veins, then please try the world of the entrepreneur or even something in the arts.)

Most of the modern offices are not set up for much personal of anything. Any problems, leave them at home. Most successful employees today usually avoid talking to co-workers as much as possible. Most are friendly (say hello in the morning) but that is most of the talk. Production and production again are the goals of the working employee. Lay offs occur for the gregarious and manipulative worker. Behaviors that are not just about stoic are seen as trouble. No trouble makers ever made it in the workforce, especially not over the past ten years.

Feeling upset today? Do not talk about it. Be sure that your work is finished first, then take your lunch break. Work ethic is rewarded, and the employees being rewarded are the ones with the extreme ethic for getting the job done yesterday. Speed, speed, and more speed are three ways to get your work done. Did you remember to do it in a perfect fashion? Efficiency and knowing exactly what you are doing are rewarded with continued employment.

Do not cause any trouble. Get along with everybody. Hint, if there is very little conversation and you get your work done, then who is going to complain about you? If the assignments are somewhat hard for you at first, then try to find a trusted mentor outside of the work setting. Again, you are in a competition race with the next employee or application coming through the door. Better not be the one with the quality issue. Mentoring outside of work is the way to go. Practicing and researching your job tasks can help, also.

No complaints about the job. Even if you think you have no one discussing what you are complaining about, rest assured someone with forget your confidences and tell. So no talking about the job at all. With social media so prevalent as a way to keep up with your friends, please be careful about what you writel. Believe it or not some employers actually troll social media sights looking for office complaints. The company management sees these complaints as trouble and you, the writer, as a trouble maker. Rest assured that sooner or later you will be brought up on some kind of issue and summarily dismissed.

One of the main goals of today’s companies is the successful production of the office work tasks. You are a part of a team. In order for the company to be successful, each worker in the cog of things needs to have a certain quality of success called production. Be sure that your production report says that you complete all tasks on time. Be sure that the quality report for your production is given an excellent pass. Office organization ideas should always include, therefore, production strategies for each employee.

How to Become a Professional Organizer

Learning how to become a professional organizer will give you great satisfaction of helping people to get their lives in order. Most people who want to become professional organizers have certain traits in common like; working with people, teaching, and most of all un-cluttering other peoples homes and businesses. With a great sense of organization skills and a good sense of humor, your clients will be thrilled that you can relieve their stress and help them clean up the clutter. You will need to learn self-discipline and be a self-starter who is committed enough to finish the job once you have started the project. Being a professional organizer can be a rewarding career for those with great organizational and people skills.

How to Become a professional organizer

How to Become a professional organizer

Joining Organizations to Learn How to Become a Professional Organizer

There are a number of organizations, which you can join, to learn how to become a certified professional organizer. The National Association of Professional Organizers is a large organization with local chapters all over the United States. Once you are a member of the organization you will learn from certified professionals how to meet your client has needs and stay on track to get everything accomplished. The Institute for Challenging Disorganization is another organization association that teaches and shares experiences in helping clients with their organization problems. They are a well-known group and respected for their talents in the organization field.

Benefits of Joining Your Local NAPO Chapter

There are many benefits to joining your local NAPO chapter when you want to learn how to become a professional organizer . The chapter offers plenty of training opportunities, conferences and different workshops that you can take advantage of to learn the ropes properly. You will learn from a team of professionals how to become productive in cleaning homes, business offices, or other problems with organization that you need to have solved. Your local NAPO chapter holds monthly meetings that you can attend and some even have mentoring programs that you can join. Taking part in a mentoring program will give you hands on experience in seeing how the professionals organize a client’s problem. Learn who the Certified Professionals are in the group and see if you can join one of their projects. If they take you on, you will gain precious information on how to handle the relationship between the client and the professional organizer. You will be doing most of the physical labor for the project, and earning a few dollars while you learn. Learning with certified professionals is the fastest way to notice the little details that will please your clients.

Tips on How to Become a Professional Organizer

Contact a local professional organizer and see if she will give you an interview on how to start up your own business. Be prepared for the interview with your questions and make sure you give her plenty of time to talk. You may have to pay for her time and knowledge, but it will be worth the money and time, to learn how to become a professional organizer .

Professional Organizer Jobs

Professional organizers are men and women who help clients clean up the clutter in the home, garage, or businesses. Professional organizer jobs can be a single room, your whole house, or move and organize a full business. Your professional organizer will work with you on every item so each item has a proper place. It is the client’s choice to keep, throw out, store, or move all items. This will give the client the needed space he is looking to gain. Professional organizers can also come in and teach you how to organize your daily living routines so you have more time for family and friends.

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Professional Organizer Rates

Professional organizer rates will vary depending on the job they are taking on and the estimated time in which the organizer feels it will take to get your clutter under control. Usually professional organizers will charge by the hour because it is impossible to estimate exactly how long the job will take. A lot will depend on how fast the client makes decisions on what he is going to do with all his belongings. The major work of the client will be on his decisions to what items he will keep, which to throw out, what gets move to a new place, and items to be stored for future use. Most people work better and faster when there is a professional organizer right by their sides to help them make the decisions. The professional organizer can give the client an idea of how long the job should take, but some clients have a hard time making up their minds what to do with their personal possessions. As the job progresses the organizer can give the client some idea of how much longer the job might take. Sometimes the professional organizer will write up a contract for a minimum amount of hours for his service.

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Professional Organizer Courses

There are many certification and training courses available for people who want to take the professional organizer courses . Most of them are online and do not require you to take an exam to become certified in that course. Other course you will need to attend classes for, take and pass the exam in order to be certified. If you are serious about becoming a professional organizer then you will want to seek out those courses in which you can gain a certificate. Being a certified professional organizer will reward you with higher pay and get your business started at a faster pace.

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Professional Organizing Companies

If your home or business is in direr need of a complete re-organization, you may want to call in the professional organizers to de-clutter your mess. Professional organizing companies will take on any job you need to have organized and relieve you of the burden. The will give you personalized service from the smallest job to a whole business that needs a multitude of areas to be de-cluttered. Companies can bring in as many organizers you need to complete your job on a timely manner without disrupting the daily routine of your office. They are experienced, non-judgmental, and full of exciting new ways to organize your office.

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