In today’s market place the new worker needs to know that being organized is critical for job safety. Gone are the days of office maneuvers and getting to know the boss. Not that being pleasant is out of date. But it seems that production is the only criteria that will get you continued again and again when the job performance data comes in. Welcoming in the digital age is a good thing. But this new and improved way of advancement seems to have caught some by surprise. Looking at the lay off list will certainly verify this new fangled office politic.


So the digital age is here, and the new and improved office organization ideas are the following:

1) Organizing your office space and being successful at this will show your bosses that you are a quality employee. How exactly is this done to the modern specifications? Copying everything sent out and filing these documents in a ready to use file or cabinet is critical. Why is this so important? In today’s search for justice culture you need to have a concrete reason for about everything you do. Document and document, again.

2) Your office emails should be organized to the degree that a tried and true obsessive compulsive would be proud. What does this mean? It means that every email that comes into your business computer should be read immediately and then filed in its own filing cabinet on your computer. Be sure to label these documents appropriately since, again, you may be called upon to justify anything at every minute. Emails that come in should be read and responded to or filed for further purposes.

3) Always, always use a daily planner book. Everything that you do that day should be detailed out with lists and lists. Be sure to check off what you have finished that day. Plan the next day based on what you need to finish from the day before. (Make any unfinished business a red alert emergency. Not that these instructions are extreme. However, you are competing with the likes of those who have these exact work habits and, perhaps, have been there for a number of years.)


4) Organize, then organize again your desk top. In today’s work place the looks of your desk scream volumes about your worthiness as an employee. Keep the top of your desk clear with no clutter. Acceptable items on a desk top include the following: your computer, telephone, stapler, tape, and index cards.

5) Other additional items that may be transiently used are the following: your water glass, tissue, coffee cup, calculator, container with pens, highlighter, scissors, and letter opener. The center of the desk must stay open for work items that need to be done quickly.

6) Minimal personal belongings are expected at today’s office. Remember to portray a transient look to all of your work space. Here today and who knows about tomorrow?


Today’s office is streamlined and production seems to be the best quality that is rewarded. Being different or too friendly is not a good thing in this kind of office. (If unique seems to coarse through your veins, then please try the world of the entrepreneur or even something in the arts.)

Most of the modern offices are not set up for much personal of anything. Any problems, leave them at home. Most successful employees today usually avoid talking to co-workers as much as possible. Most are friendly (say hello in the morning) but that is most of the talk. Production and production again are the goals of the working employee. Lay offs occur for the gregarious and manipulative worker. Behaviors that are not just about stoic are seen as trouble. No trouble makers ever made it in the workforce, especially not over the past ten years.

Feeling upset today? Do not talk about it. Be sure that your work is finished first, then take your lunch break. Work ethic is rewarded, and the employees being rewarded are the ones with the extreme ethic for getting the job done yesterday. Speed, speed, and more speed are three ways to get your work done. Did you remember to do it in a perfect fashion? Efficiency and knowing exactly what you are doing are rewarded with continued employment.

Do not cause any trouble. Get along with everybody. Hint, if there is very little conversation and you get your work done, then who is going to complain about you? If the assignments are somewhat hard for you at first, then try to find a trusted mentor outside of the work setting. Again, you are in a competition race with the next employee or application coming through the door. Better not be the one with the quality issue. Mentoring outside of work is the way to go. Practicing and researching your job tasks can help, also.

No complaints about the job. Even if you think you have no one discussing what you are complaining about, rest assured someone with forget your confidences and tell. So no talking about the job at all. With social media so prevalent as a way to keep up with your friends, please be careful about what you writel. Believe it or not some employers actually troll social media sights looking for office complaints. The company management sees these complaints as trouble and you, the writer, as a trouble maker. Rest assured that sooner or later you will be brought up on some kind of issue and summarily dismissed.

One of the main goals of today’s companies is the successful production of the office work tasks. You are a part of a team. In order for the company to be successful, each worker in the cog of things needs to have a certain quality of success called production. Be sure that your production report says that you complete all tasks on time. Be sure that the quality report for your production is given an excellent pass. Office organization ideas should always include, therefore, production strategies for each employee.

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