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Factors that Affect a Professional Organizer’s Salary

Published on August 7, 2012 By admin

There are many factors that come into play when determining the possible salary of a professional organizer. For example, an organizer in a large city, like New York, has the potential to earn much more than one in a small town. The amount of experience a professional organizer has will also play a major role […]

How to Become a Professional Organizer

Published on November 3, 2011 By admin

Learning how to become a professional organizer will give you great satisfaction of helping people to get their lives in order. Most people who want to become professional organizers have certain traits in common like; working with people, teaching, and most of all un-cluttering other peoples homes and businesses. With a great sense of organization […]

Professional Organizer Rates

Published on November 3, 2011 By admin

Professional organizer rates will vary depending on the job they are taking on and the estimated time in which the organizer feels it will take to get your clutter under control. Usually professional organizers will charge by the hour because it is impossible to estimate exactly how long the job will take. A lot will […]

Professional Organizer Courses

Published on November 3, 2011 By admin

There are many certification and training courses available for people who want to take the professional organizer courses . Most of them are online and do not require you to take an exam to become certified in that course. Other course you will need to attend classes for, take and pass the exam in order […]